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wecity +-

What is wecity?

We are a proptech, i.e. a start-up that brings together the financial + real estate + technology sector. We are fully capitalised through private financing.

wecity is a Participatory Financing Platform (PFP), authorised by the CNMV whose activity, according to the law, “consists of putting in contact a plurality of individuals or legal entities that offer financing in exchange for a monetary return, called investors, with individuals or legal entities that request financing in their own name to allocate it to a participatory financing project, called promoters“.

In wecity we comply with the law 5/2015, to promote business financing and we have been authorized by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) and registered with registration number 9.

wecity is the trademark of CITYPRIVE PSFP SL.

What wecity is NOT?

We are not an Investment Fund or a publicly-traded Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

We comply with the Law on Participatory Financing Platforms, and as a result, we do not hold the status of an investment service company or a credit institution. Additionally, we are not affiliated with any investment guarantee fund or deposit guarantee fund.


About us

We are a multidisciplinary team with specialized expertise in the real estate, finance, and technology sectors, bringing together over 50 years of combined experience. If you’d like to get to know us better, you can visit our team page (team).

How it works?

You can check out how wecity operates in the ‘How it Works’ section (How it works?). Furthermore, we’ve created a video(video) that will help you understand it.


What can I invest in and how can I do it?
  1. In real estate crowdfunding opportunities, which involve a capital increase of the company proposing the project, you can invest in properties by purchasing shares in limited or anonymous companies that own the assets. This allows investors to leave the purchase and management of properties in the hands of industry professionals. This approach enables you to distribute the capital you wish to invest among the real estate projects that interest you.
  2. In real estate crowdfunding lending opportunities, you can lend money to developers in exchange for a fixed interest rate (fixed-rate loan) or a variable interest rate (participatory loans) linked to the final performance of the opportunity.


Why wecity is a good option?

“Wecity is a technological and innovative ecosystem where institutional developers and investors can communicate, finance, and share profits,” said Rafael Merry del Val, CEO of wecity.

“Our mission is to democratize access to high returns in the institutional real estate market through Wecrowd,” he added.

As an investor, we provide you with the highest returns (see opportunities) excellence and proven experience (see team), technological innovation (web, app), transparency (see my profile, fees, and risks), and security (investor and transactional security)

As a developer, we provide you with an alternative financing solution and build a portfolio of investors for the present and the future.

Both developers and investors are customers of wecity (authorized by CNMV).


Does CNMV supervise wecity?

Yes, wecity (a trademark of CITYPRIVE PFP SL) is authorized and registered with the National Securities Market Commission, and is thus supervised by the CNMV.

wecity is licensed as a Participatory Financing Platform (PFP) (llicence of PFP).


Is investing in wecity safe?

Investing in wecity opportunities carries the risks that are inherent in any type of investment. Although we conduct a comprehensive analysis and propose mitigation measures, we recommend that you consult the pages we have dedicated to basic information for investor clients

Who do we consider as our clients?

According to Article 60.2 of the Law on the Legal Regime of Participatory Financing Platforms, both promoters and investors will be considered clients.


Who are the partners we work with?

We have the support of various companies to aid us in our daily work and achieve the desired level of excellence. Some of these include:

  • GARRIGUES: Legal advice (investment agreements)
  • ETL: Legal advice
  • CORTÉS ABOGADOS: Tax advice
  • JLL: Valuation advice
  • LEMONWAY: Payment gateway
  • CONFIANZA ONLINE: Distinction seal for our commitment to good online practices
  • FINTECH & INSURTECH: Member of the Fintech and Insurtech Association of Spain
  • ADIGITAL: Association of companies representing the digital economy in Spain.

See all here 

What are the ways to contact with us?

You can contact us through:

  • Contact form contacto
  • Email:
  • Phone: +34 628 534 063 and +34 679 667 623
  • Address: Paseo de la Castellana 8, 28046, Madrid.



General concepts to keep in mind before investing +-

What is crowdfunding?

“Crowdfunding” comes from the combination of the words “crowd”, which means a group of people, and “funding”, which means to provide financial support. In this sense, the most accurate translation would be collective or collaborative investment, where many small investors join together to launch a project, in our case, a real estate project.

Collaborative funding platforms, such as wecity, are authorized companies by the CNMV and dedicated to connecting a group of individuals or legal entities that offer financing for a specific project in exchange for returns, with individuals or legal entities that request financing to develop a project. These companies professionally dedicate themselves to this purpose and do so through websites or other electronic means.

If you want to know how real estate crowdfunding works, click here. 


What is crowdequity?

Crowdequity is an alternative financing method in which investors participate directly in the share capital of the company promoting the project by making a financial contribution that is recorded as an increase in the company’s capital.

In the real estate sector, the developer presents a specific project and investors provide the funds for its development in exchange for an equity stake and a right to dividends.

What crowlending is?

Crowdlending is an alternative financing method (using private capital) in which investors lend funds to the promoter, and in return, the promoter will repay the borrowed capital plus fixed or variable interest based on the chosen modality and agreed terms (monthly, quarterly, or at maturity, as agreed). You can check the differences between fixed and variable interest here (Ver las diferencias entre interés fijo o variable aquí)

These loans are typically linked to guarantees from the promoter to mitigate risk.


What are the differences between crowdequity and crowdlending?

The main difference between crowdequity and crowdlending is the way in which investors participate in the project. In crowdequity, investors become part of the company’s shareholders and therefore have the right to dividends, while crowdlending is based on a loan to the promoter, and investors receive the previously agreed interest, whether at a variable or fixed rate.

Decision-making right: In crowdequity, investors participate in decision-making through the General Shareholders’ Meeting. In crowdfunding, investors accept the loan conditions and destination beforehand and have no decision-making power.

In addition, there is a very important point that differentiates both options: tax benefits. While crowdequity offers a tax benefit based on the amount contributed in capital from 5% of the total, crowdlending does not have any tax benefits.


What are the differences between a fixed-rate loan and a participatory loan?

In this table, you can find the differences in terms of fixed or variable interest rates, commercial considerations, guarantees, early repayment, repayment periods, and grace periods.

Download table (Descargar tabla)




Who are the investors?

According to the law, “investors are a plurality of natural or legal persons who offer financing in exchange for a monetary return and may be either accredited or non-accredited.”

This differentiation sets the limits for wecity users. If you are a non-accredited investor, you have a investment limit of 3,000 euros per project and 10,000 euros (including other crowdfunding platforms); whereas if you are an accredited investor, you have no investment limit.

If you want to know the advantages of being accredited, click here (aquí)

If you are not yet registered and want to become an investor in wecity, you can sign up here 

Who are the promoters?

According to the law, we refer to “promoters” as “individuals or legal entities who request financing on their own behalf to allocate it to a crowdfunding project.”

If you want to be a promoter on wecity and take advantage of the technological and financial benefits, please contact us. Click here  and you will be directed to the “promoter” section.

What are the opportunities?

The term “opportunities” refers to the set of real estate projects in which you can invest.

According to the law, “an opportunity is synonymous with a crowdfunding project. The project must contain a concise and non-technical description so that the average investor can make an informed decision about financing the project.”

You can view the opportunities available on wecity here.

What are the investment modalities and types available?

At wecity, we offer both equity and lending investment opportunities.

Equity involves projects where investors become part of the company’s share capital as partners. The number of shares an investor receives is proportional to the amount of their investment.

Lending, on the other hand, involves providing a loan to the project promoter for the development of their opportunity. These loans can be either fixed or variable. See the differences here (Ver las diferencias aquí)

At wecity, you can invest in four types of opportunities: rental, capital gains, fixed-rate loans, and variable-rate loans.

Rental: Buy + rent + sell

Projects that focus on rental income involve purchasing properties for renovation and rental purposes (either traditional or vacation rentals). Investors receive periodic profits from the rental income, and the properties are typically sold at the end of the project’s lifespan, offering a final capital gain.

Capital Gains: Buy + renovate + sell

Opportunities that focus on buying and renovating properties to increase their value before selling them.

Fixed-Rate Loans: Lend money for a fixed interest rate.

Participatory or Variable-Rate Loans: Lend money to the business plan. This loan is linked to the success of the operation and may occasionally be linked to a fixed-rate loan. See the differences here (Ver las diferencias aquí)


Information for promoters +-

Who can be promoters?

According to Article 57 of the Legal Regime of Participatory Financing Platforms, to be a promoter, “it must be validly established in Spain or another member state of the European Union. In the case of individuals, their tax residence must be in Spain or another member state of the European Union.”

It will be essential to provide:

a) Description of the company, its social bodies, and the business plan.

b) Identity and curriculum vitae of the administrators and directors.

c) Corporate name, registered office, Internet domain address, and registration number of the issuer.

d) Form of social organization.

e) Number of employees.

f) Description of the financial situation.

g) Structure of the share capital and indebtedness.

In addition, “Promoters or partners of the promoting entity, the promoter’s administrator, or the members of its Board of Directors may not be disqualified as provided for in Law 22/2003, of July 9, on Bankruptcy, or equivalent regulations of other Member States of the European Union, nor may they be serving a sentence for offenses against property, money laundering, the socio-economic order, the Public Treasury, and Social Security.”

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here 


How does wecity select promoters?

The promoters that wecity works with are companies with extensive and demonstrable experience and reputation in the real estate sector. In any case, all projects that appear on the wecity platform have been verified and comply with the established investor protection system standards.

All promoters who publish projects on our platform comply with the rules set by the scoring we perform. In this regard, we carry out an objective and impartial analysis of the main parameters of each company and each project. To do this, we thoroughly analyze the economic situation of the promoter at the time of launching the project, which is also analyzed from all points of view.

Promoters are an essential part of wecity’s daily work, so any company in the sector that wants to offer its projects through our platform can request it in the “promoters” section of our website.

In any case, wecity thoroughly analyzes all promoters who contact us before they can access the platform.

If you are a promoter and want to get in touch with wecity, click here. 


How does wecity select opportunities?

wecity conducts a thorough analysis of all real estate projects (opportunities) presented by promoters to ensure that they fit the chosen investment type and desired returns. All projects that meet the requirements will be published on the platform for investors to invest in.

wecity’s experts may rely, if necessary, on external companies (partners) to conduct a study of each project in order to obtain an objective evaluation of potential risks.


Are the promoters solvent?

To publish opportunities on wecity, promoters must provide:

a) Description of the company, its social organs, and business plan.

b) Identity and CV of administrators and directors.

c) Company name, registered address, website address, and issuer registration number.

d) Social organization form.

e) Number of employees.

f) Description of the financial situation.

g) Capital structure and debt.

In addition, “Promoters or partners of the promoting entity, the promoter’s administrator, or members of their Board of Directors must not be disqualified as provided for in Law 22/2003, of July 9, on Insolvency, or equivalent regulations of other European Union member states, nor may they be serving sentences for offenses or misdemeanors against property, money laundering, the socio-economic order, public finance, or social security.”

Simultaneously, wecity may verify the information provided by the promoter, partners, or administrators by checking various relevant registries, such as:

a) Commercial Registry

b) Property Registry

c) Patents and Trademarks Registry

d) Unpaid Registries


As a promoter, how can I get in touch with wecity?

You can get in touch with us by filling out the form available in the “Promoters” (sponsors) section on our website. Alternatively, you can send an email to or call us at +34 679 667 623.

We look forward to hearing from you!



As a promoter, what information does wecity need to finance an opportunity?

wecity requests the information required by Article 78 of the law, which includes:

a) Description of the company, its social organs and the plan of activities.

b) Identity and curriculum vitae of the administrators and directors.

c) Company name, registered address, Internet domain address, and registration number of the issuer.

d) Social organization form.

e) Number of employees.

f) Description of the financial situation.

g) Structure of social capital and indebtedness.

In addition, wecity may request any additional information deemed necessary to meet its standards of excellence.

As a promoter, what are my fees?

You can check the fees at the following link: “fees“.

I am going to register! +-

Is it free to open an account on wecity?

Creating an account on wecity is entirely free of charge. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so now by clicking here aquí.


Who can register as an investor in wecity?

We welcome all investors, whether they are individuals or legal entities, who offer funding in exchange for monetary returns to join wecity.

If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so now by clicking on this link: Register for free. Regístrate gratis

Learn about the advantages of being an investor here aquí.


How do I sign up for wecity?

Signing up for wecity is very easy and can be completed in less than a minute. Simply go to the Sign up for free Regístrate gratis page and fill in the necessary information.

If you have any questions during the process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


Am I an accredited or non-accredited investor?

The main difference between accredited and non-accredited investors is that accredited investors have no investment limits, while non-accredited investors can only invest up to 3,000 euros in a specific project and a maximum of 10,000 euros per year (including all alternative financing platforms).

Learn more about the advantages of being an accredited investor here aquí.


How can I become an accredited investor?

When you first register with wecity, you’re considered a non-accredited investor. However, becoming an accredited investor is easy – simply log in to your control panel and click on the “become accredited”Regístrate gratis button in the top-right corner of your screen. Alternatively, you can visit the “advantages of being accredited” page and request accreditation from there.

If you’re not yet registered and would like to do so, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to wecity’s “Register for free” page.
  2. Once registered, click on “Log in” and then “Advantages of being accredited” ventajas de ser acreditado.
  3. You’ll need to meet certain requirements, which you can find on the “advantages of being accredited” page or listed below:
  • Be an individual with an annual income of at least €50,000 or a financial portfolio worth at least €100,000.

Have requested and been granted accreditation status, renouncing your status as a non-accredited investor.

  • Be a professional client, as defined in article 78 bis.3 of Law 24/1988 of 28 July on the Securities Market.
  • Have contracted financial advisory services on wecity’s financing instruments from an authorized investment services firm.
  • Be a legal entity or SME that has expressly requested accredited client status.
  • Be an entrepreneur who individually meets at least two of the following criteria:
  • Total assets of €1 million or more
  • Annual turnover of €2 million or more
  • Equity of €300,000 or more.
I am an individual. What is the process to invest?

To invest, you’ll need to register with wecity first.

To get started, click on “Open my account”

Sign up: Select the “Individual” option, fill in your personal information, accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, and click on “Complete registration”. “My Profile”: Next, log in to your user account and go to “My Profile”, where you’ll need to complete the following sections:

My Personal Information + Residence + Other information + Legal Documentation, where you’ll need to attach:

  • If you’re a tax resident in Spain, you’ll need to attach your ID card (photo, PDF, or similar), front and back, in color.
  • If you’re a foreign tax resident in Spain, you’ll need to attach your identification document and your Foreigner Identification Number (NIE).
  • If you’re a tax resident in any other country, you’ll need to attach an identification document or passport.
  • If your nationality is from outside the European Union, you’ll need to provide a second identification document.

Activate your account: Once you’ve completed all the information, you’ll enter a verification process that may take up to 48 hours, and you’ll be informed promptly of its status. Invest: Once your information has been verified, you’ll be able to make your first investment.

If you have any problems sending us the information, you can also provide it to us at

I am a legal entity. What is the procedure to invest?

To register on wecity, you must follow the steps below:

Start by clicking on “Open my account” 

Register: Select the “company” option, fill in the personal data of the legal representative of the company, accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, and click on “Finish Registration”.

Once inside the platform, you will have direct access to “My Profile” in your user account, where you must fill in the following sections:

“My Profile”, where you must complete the following sections:

Personal Data of the Legal Representative of the Company + Residence of the Legal Representative of the Company + Other Data + Legal Documentation of the Legal Representative of the Company + Company Information, where you must attach:

Deed of Incorporation of the Company

Real Ownership Deed of the Company

Company Activity Document (any certificate from the Commercial Register, a tax certificate, and any tax payment document, VAT – with a maximum age of 3 months – are considered valid)

ID of Partners who own more than 25% of the company’s shares.

Activate your account: Once all the information is completed, you will enter a verification process that can take up to 48 hours, and you will be promptly informed.

Invest: Once your information is verified, you can make your first investment.

If you have any problems sending us the information, you can also provide it to us at


Why do I have to send scanned copies of my documents? ID cards, passports…

Wecity complies with applicable legislation requiring the identification of all individuals or legal entities that register on its platform and confirming their identity to ensure that the person sending the funds is indeed who they claim to be.

Therefore, our team will need to validate your account before you can start investing in wecity projects.

I am having trouble uploading my documents. What can I do?

In order for us to validate the documentation you send us, it needs to be clearly visible, crisp, and legible, and should not exceed 10MB in size per document (you can check this by right-clicking on the document and clicking on “Properties” if you use Windows, or “Get Info” if you use an Apple device. Please remember that you can send us documents in JPEG, PNG, and PDF formats.)

If you still encounter issues despite following these guidelines, you can send them to us via email at

How do I link my bank account?

In order to withdraw funds, it is necessary to link a bank account. Please note that this process only needs to be done once for each account you want to link.

To link your account, you will need to:

  1. Access “My wallet” in your user account.
  2. Click on “Add a bank account”.
  3. Enter your account number with IBAN and no spaces (for example, ES1000492352982414205416). If the transfer is international, you will need to indicate the BIC/SWIFT code.
  4. Name and address of the bank.
  5. Send all documentation in PDF format and with a weight of less than 10MB that contains information verifying that you are the account holder. For example, a screenshot of a bank certificate or your online account will suffice.

Please note that if your bank is online-exclusive, you will need to send a double document.

If you encounter any problems despite following these guidelines, you can send them to us by email at

Please remember that we manually validate documentation and this process takes between 24 and 48 hours. We will notify you of validation or if there has been any error in your Private Area.

On the other hand, if you wish to contribute funds to your wecity account, you can send them with the same information as other deposits.


Does registering on wecity have any implications?

All funds invested in wecity opportunities are securely deposited in a segregated account at Banco Sabadell, opened by payment institution Lemon Way. Lemon Way is a registered Community Payment Institution operating in Spain, authorized by the Bank of Spain. This means that each investor’s money is separated from that of other investors and from wecity’s funds. Additionally, payment transactions to and from investors’ accounts are monitored by an independent regulated entity, separate from wecity.

Moreover, as an investor, you have no liability towards third parties, and your losses are always limited to the amount of capital invested.

I am going to invest! +-

who can invent?

Everyone is welcome.

Natural persons over 18 years of age
Legal entities with commercial registration

Investors are a plurality of natural or legal persons who offer financing in exchange for a monetary return and can be both experienced and inexperienced.

This differentiation sets the limits for wecity users. If you are a non-experienced investor, you have an investment limit of 1,000 euros per project or 5% of your wealth, excluding real estate and pension funds. If you are an experienced investor, you have no investment limit.

How much can I invest?

Each project sponsor specifies the minimum investment amount required for their project.

Please note that the maximum investment for non-accredited investors is 3,000 euros, while there are no limits for accredited investors. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of becoming accredited, please visit our page “Advantages of Accreditation”


How can I invest? Steps to follow to invest once registered

The process for investing is easy, fast, and secure.

Once you have registered, you must provide the necessary funds for your investments through a bank transfer or by using a credit or debit card. You can learn more about the security measures that govern your transfers on our Investor Protection and Security page Seguridad y protección al inversor.


How can I invest if I am a foreigner?

We only need you to follow the registration and investment process and provide a NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero).

How do I deposit money into my account to invest?

In order to deposit funds, the first step is to register. If you have not done so already, you will need to start by registering for free

You can deposit funds into your Wecity account using either a credit card or bank transfer from an account in your name that is associated with an opportunity.

To do so, simply go to the opportunity in which you want to invest and click on the “invest” button, where you can choose your preferred payment method (either transfer or credit card).

Please note that it is not possible to deposit cash into the bank account provided in your private area.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that there are certain countries where the payment entity (Lemon Way) cannot accept any money transfers to or from investors. Some of these countries include Afghanistan, Barbados, Belarus, Burma, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, North Korea, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, United States, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Macau, Mali, Mongolia, Namibia, Panama, Central African Republic, Congo, Russia, Samoa, Somalia, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Yemen.


Where does my money go?

The capital you deposit into your Wecity account is held in a segregated bank account with Banco Sabadell, opened by the payment institution Lemon Way. Lemon Way is a registered European payment institution operating in Spain under the supervision of the Bank of Spain.

Lemon Way will provide you with an electronic wallet where you can monitor the status of your capital at any time. This reduces risk since the funds are held in a secure location while the opportunities reach their funding target. Once the target is reached, the funds are transferred to the promoter for execution. On the Safety and Investor Protection page, seguridad y protección del inversor you can see the security measures we take.


Where is my money committed to an opportunity?

The capital allocated to an opportunity is locked in your Wecity account (wallet) until the project is fully funded or rejected. If the funding goal is reached, the money committed to the opportunity is transferred to the promoter’s wallet, and if the goal is not reached, the funds are returned to your account.

How can I withdraw funds?

Access your private area, go to the “My Wallet” section, and click on the “Withdraw Funds” button.

When will I get my investment back?

The investment is recovered at the moment the property sale is closed. The term is usually between 12 and 36 months for the “capital gain” modality.

In the case of an opportunity based on rental income, the terms vary more, but usually around three years. Additionally, you will typically receive monthly dividends from the rentals and a capital gain when the property is sold.

In the case of an opportunity based on a fixed loan, the terms will be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and rarely annually.

In the case of an opportunity based on a variable or participative loan, the loan repayment will be made at the end of the opportunity. Participative loans may also be combined with the fixed + variable modality.

How do I pay by bank transfer?

If you want to make a deposit via bank transfer, we will send you an email with the account number where you should make the transfer and a link where you should access to upload the transfer receipt. Remember that you should not attach the receipt to the email.

Please verify that the receipt contains the same data that you have provided to us: account holder, IBAN, concept, amount, beneficiary, and destination IBAN.

If the link does not work properly, you can copy the address into your web browser. If it still doesn’t work, you should send us the receipt as soon as possible to, indicating in the SUBJECT your name and the name of the opportunity. Please note that without this document we cannot guarantee your reservation.

How do I pay by credit or debit card?

If you choose the option of investing via credit card, during the investment process, a payment gateway will open where you can enter the information of your credit or debit card.

What is the Lemonway payment institution and how does it work?

Lemon Way es una entidad de pagos externa que custodia y gestiona los fondos de nuestros inversores con la máxima seguridad. En este sentido, las aportaciones de capital no se ingresan en una cuenta de wecity, si no a una cuenta creada por ti en la entidad de pago. Además, cada proyecto tendrá su propia cuenta, separada de los demás para que lo que pase en un proyecto no pueda afectar al resto.

Lemon Way is an external payment entity that safeguards and manages the funds of our investors with the utmost security. In this sense, capital contributions are not deposited into a wecity account, but into an account created by you at the payment entity. Additionally, each project will have its own separate account to ensure that any issues that arise with one project do not affect the others.

Lemonway is a regulated payment entity that manages all fund movements for users of wecity, as well as for most crowdfunding entities in Spain.

Please note that your money will be completely segregated from our accounts and under the custody of a regulated entity authorized by the Bank of Spain. LemonWay is a limited company with a capital of €1,102,268.08, SIREN number 500486915, headquartered at 14, rue de la Beaune, 93100 Montreuil, France. It was accredited on 12/24/2012 by the “Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et Régulation” (ACPR, France, 61 rue Taitbou 75009 Paris) as a hybrid payment institution, under number 16568 J, and authorized in Spain by the Bank of Spain to carry out its activity as a payment entity without a permanent establishment in accordance with applicable regulations.

You can view the general terms and conditions of Lemonway by clicking here aquí.

What kind of investors are there?

There are four types of investments: rental income, capital appreciation, fixed interest, and variable interest, which we detail below.

Rental Income: Buy + Rent + Sell

You invest in an opportunity by expanding the capital of a company that owns the property. You become a part-owner of the company, which was established for the acquisition and management of the asset.

Assets managed under a rental income strategy will be put on the rental market when they are ready. The rental agreement may be traditional or through vacation rental platforms.

At regular intervals (monthly, quarterly, etc.), the profit produced after paying rental management expenses will be distributed. Rental income will be sent to your wecity account.

Properties managed under this strategy will be sold when the investment objective is met, and each investor will receive a proportional part of the sale.

Capital Appreciation: Buy + Renovate + Sell

You invest in an opportunity by expanding the capital of a company that owns the property. You become a part-owner of the company, which was established for the acquisition and management of the asset.

In this case, profitability will be offered once the asset is sold.

Fixed Interest Loan: Interest payment on fixed intervals and principal at maturity

You lend money to a developer and, in return, receive a fixed interest rate within a specific time frame and the repayment of the principal at the end of the same period. In this type of loan, the developer may be required to provide collateral.

Variable or Participatory Loan: Interest payment and principal at maturity linked to the business plan

You lend money to a developer and link it to the business plan. This loan is tied to the success of the opportunity.

What is a capital gain investment?

In brief, it is an operation where an asset is purchased, renovated, and sold.

In this case, the focus is on the potential of each property to increase in value in the short term. The strategy centers on buying properties at prices lower than the market value, in areas with short-term growth projections and high demand

What is an income investment?

In a nutshell, this is an operation in which an asset is purchased, renovated, rented out, and sold.

In this type of strategy, the rental potential of each property is prioritized, although it is also important that the asset has a price lower than the market value and is located in an area that offers facilities for renting.

In this regard, it is worth distinguishing between residential rentals, which can be rented out through traditional or vacation rental platforms, and commercial or industrial rentals, which are intended for the long term.

Can I acquire 100% of an opportunity?

Yes, please note that you need to be an accredited investor in order to invest the full amount in an opportunity. However, promoters may set minimum and maximum investment limits.

What am I buying when I invest?

A portion of the property. To make it easier, each opportunity establishes a limited liability company, which is the one that buys the asset, and each investor has a percentage (proportional to the investment made) of the shares of this company.

Am I investing through a vehicle?

No. Las inversiones a través de wecity son inversiones en economía real y directamente en la oportunidad pertinente.

El cliente sabe con total transparencia el destino de su capital y en wecity publicaremos información periódica de la situación de la misma.

Does the CNMV or the Bank of Spain supervise my investment?

No. Therefore, we recommend that you conduct your own research before investing in any project published on the platform.

How does wecity protect the investor?

That the partners or administrators of the companies are not disqualified or have a criminal record.

That the companies are not in the ASNEF registers in order to rule out that the company is not registered in any register of defaulters.

That the companies applying for financing are solvent.

That the companies have high standards of transparency so that investors can assess the risk elements associated with the project.

That the team of professionals that make up the company has extensive experience in this type of project.

That the project offers the legal security that an investor needs and protects their interests. wecity has been authorised by the CNMV as a Participatory Financing Platform.

Does Wecity guarantee my investments?

No. wecity only connects investors with companies seeking finance.

How are investments structured?

All assets will be purchased by a Limited Liability Company (SL) which is set up specifically for each transaction and for the operation of each property. Investors become partners in this company and therefore owners of a percentage of the share capital equivalent to their investment. When the financing of each project is completed, the investors enter the company through a capital increase.

What are the investment risks?

At wecity we want you to read up on the risks that can be incurred in an investment before you invest.

How does wecity minimise risks?

All the opportunities that appear on our platform have been analysed in depth by the wecity team, which includes financial and real estate experts. On the page of each opportunity you will find all the information about the project so that you can analyse it and make an appropriate investment decision.

How long does it take for an opportunity to be funded?

Each opportunity has a set timeframe for securing funding, although if investor demand completes the required capital, the timeframe may close earlier than anticipated. In the event that the investment requirement is not met, wecity may, in accordance with the law, extend the initial deadline by 25%.

Will I have to go to a notary?

No. The entry of investors will not require signature before a notary.

How profitable can I get?

Returns will vary from opportunity to opportunity and are dependent on market conditions. Developers may set profitability targets for each project which will be verified by our analysis team. Returns on opportunities published on wecity are not guaranteed. Past performance does not guarantee future performance.

What does “estimated time” mean in investment?

This is the time that is planned from the start of the business plan, once the financing has been received, until the achievement of the success set by the promoter (almost always the sale).

What does “estimated return” on investment mean?

The return an investor expects to earn on each investment opportunity, the actual return may be higher or lower than the estimated return.

What happens if an opportunity is not 100% financed?

wecity will return 100% of the invested capital, without charging commissions, and will reimburse the advance provision of funds to the promoter that has not been used up to that point if:

The investment project does not cover at least 90% of the target.

If wecity detects the existence of false, incomplete or outdated data in the investor registration information that wecity has at any time or in the information that has been provided during the registration process of a project.

I have already invested! +-

How can I know if my investment has been made or if my money has been received after investing?

After you make your investment, either through a bank transfer or credit card payment, we will verify your information. Once the capital is in Lemon Way’s account, you will receive a pre-reservation email. If we don’t receive the correct document or don’t receive it at all, we’ll contact you.

Remember, you can always reach out to us at

When the investment need is met, we’ll email you to let you know if your reservation is fully confirmed, partially confirmed, or if you didn’t make the cut. If we end up with more funding than we need, you’ll need to wait to see if another user cancels their reservation.

If you invest using available funds or a validated account, we’ll send you an email to confirm your reservation.

Once we confirm your investment, we’ll send you the necessary contract within a week.


When do I receive dividend payments after investing?

Each opportunity has its own disinvestment conditions and dividend distribution. You can check these details in the information section of each project. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at

The promoters are responsible for notifying and returning funds to the investors. Once the funds are received by the investors’ bank account, they will automatically appear in your e-wallet.

When will I receive my investment agreement? Where can I find it?

Wecity complies with applicable legislation requiring the identification of all natural or legal persons and verifying that it is this person who is sending the funds, and not someone else. This means our team needs to validate your account before sending you a confirmation of investment.

Please note that for investment operations made through bank transfers, we must wait for the funds to reach the client’s fund account, which can take between two to seven business days. Additionally, if the documentation is incorrect or illegible, the process may take longer.

Please be aware that until your account is validated, we cannot reserve the amount.

When does my participation become effective?

Once the investment is completed, you will receive the investment agreement. However, please note that it may take up to ninety days from the successful closure of the investment to receive the legal documentation from the Commercial Register.

Who manages the funds until they are transferred to the platform?

Funds are deposited into a segregated account until the opportunity successfully ends and is transferred to the promoter. If the project does not meet its goal, the funds will be returned to the investor’s bank account.

When is an opportunity considered closed?

Each investment opportunity has a specific deadline as indicated in the preliminary information. When 100% of the funding is achieved, opportunities remain open until reaching 125% of the intended capital, which is when the investment is closed. Once closed, it may take up to seven days before the funds are transferred to the designated project.

How can I check my investments?

You can check your investments in your private area within the “MyCity/My Investments” tab.

What return on investment can I expect from Equity opportunities?

Each equity opportunity has a unique profitability, which combines rental income and asset value increase for the Rental type, and only asset value increase for the Plusvalía type. In other words, the Rental opportunities offer monthly income and capital gain at the end, while the “Plusvalía” opportunities only offer capital gain at the end.

How do I receive my profits?

You can make a deposit to your wecity account and check all transactions in the “My Wallet” section of your private profile.

When do I receive my profits?

In capital gains operations, you will receive your dividends when the property subject to the opportunity is sold.

On the other hand, in rental operations, profits will be distributed according to the promoter’s business plan, which may distribute them monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. In addition, dividends will also be distributed when the property is sold.

When will I receive my invested money back?

Once you have the capital in your wecity account, you can either invest it in new opportunities or withdraw it by clicking on the “withdraw balance” button.

What account are my profits transferred to?

The funds will be transferred to your designated bank account listed in your profile, which does not necessarily have to be the same one used to make the initial deposit.

How can I check the information about the opportunities where I have invested?

You will find all the investment opportunities in which you have participated in the “My City” section of your private area.

What happens if an opportunity is not fully funded?

Wecity will refund 100% of the invested capital without charging any fees, and reimburse any unused upfront funds to the promoter if:

  • The investment project does not reach at least 90% of its funding goal.
  • Wecity detects the presence of false, incomplete, or outdated data in the investor’s registration information that Wecity has on record at any given time, or in the information provided during the registration process for a project.
What is overfunding?

Overfunding occurs when an opportunity obtains more capital than necessary to reach its funding goal. In such cases, there are two possible solutions:

Partial investment: When part of the investor’s contribution enters the opportunity, and the remaining part is left out (and will be reflected as “Available Balance” in the Private Area).

Investment in reserve/pending: When the investment has not entered the opportunity and cannot be formalized, but if a previous request is rejected, the user is placed on a waiting list and can enter as an investor in the project.

My wecity account +-

Is my Wecity account free of charge?

Yes, it is free!

What is my wecity account?

My wecity account is a private area where I can access my personal information, see the investments I’ve made and the projects I’ve invested in, track my financial transactions (deposits, dividends, capital gains, etc.), and view tax-related information for each investment (such as withholdings).

What will I find in my wecity account?

My Profile:

Personal Information + Residential Information + Legal Documentation (both personal and for the company if applicable).

My Investments | My City:

This is the investment portfolio where you can find the details of each investment and the investment agreements.

My Wallet:

This is the section where you can find all the financial transactions. It includes both the inflow and outflow of capital.

Tax Information:

Here, you can find all the documents related to your investments, including Investment Agreements and Annual Withholdings.

What are the implications?

None. Opening an account in wecity has no implications, and it is free of charge.

How do I deposit funds into my account?

You can deposit funds into your account either through a bank transfer or by credit/debit card payment.

Can I deposit cash?

No, you can’t do it.

Where can I find my investment agreements?

In the area ‘My Investments” | “My city”

How can I reset my password?

To reset your password, go to the login page and click on the ‘Forgot my password’ link.  (login)

Prefunding +-

¿En qué consiste el Pre-funding?

Nuestro sistema de Pre-funding permite que durante un plazo predeterminado (según el proyecto), los inversores que formen parte de la plataforma y que estén interesados en invertir en un proyecto, puedan realizar una “preinversión” y de esa forma asegurarse la participación en la oportunidad.

En caso de que durante el periodo de Pre-funding se superase el objetivo de financiación del proyecto en cuestión, el proyecto quedará automáticamente cerrado.

Todos los proyectos tendrán un máximo de “over funding” (sobrefinanciación) que se especificará por oportunidad, por tanto si se llegase a dicho máximo durante el periodo de Pre-funding, el proyecto quedaría cerrado en su financiación automáticamente y no se admitirán nuevas inversiones.

¿Cómo se comunica el inicio del Pre-funding?

El sistema de comunicación será el habitual, a través de nuestras newsletter se anunciará el inicio del Pre-funding con unos días de antelación a toda nuestra base de inversores. En la newsletter incluiremos el día y la hora exacta de apertura del Pre-funding. Mientras dure este proceso, la oportunidad aparecerá publicada con la etiqueta “Pre-funding”, de manera que el inversor podrá consultar toda la documentación relevante del proyecto publicada en la misma, así como resolver cualquier duda que tenga al respecto con el equipo de wecity y adicionalmente en caso de estar interesados, pre-invertir.

¿Cómo es el proceso de inversión en los proyectos de Pre-funding?

En la fecha que indicamos en la newsletter enviada a todos los inversores, se abrirá el proyecto en fase de Pre-funding con una duración determinada, para que se pueda pre-invertir. Se podrá pre-invertir en las condiciones habituales: inversión mínima establecida (según el proyecto) y sin límites de inversión para los inversores acreditados. La preinversión es 100% vinculante.

¿Qué ocurre cuando termina la fase de Pre-funding?

Que se haya superado el objetivo de financiación: En este caso, la oportunidad quedaría automáticamente cerrada

Que no se haya cubierto el objetivo de financiación: En este caso, la oportunidad se abrirá en la plataforma para terminar de financiarse con inversiones que no sean de la fase de Pre-funding

¿En cuanto se podrá superar el objetivo de financiación durante el Pre-funding?

El objetivo de financiación se podrá superar en la cantidad que se defina previamente en cada oportunidad de inversión en la que exista el periodo de Pre-funding

¿Cómo quedará mi inversión si se supera el objetivo de financiación?

Las cantidades asignadas a cada inversor serán el resultado de prorratear las preinversiones del periodo de Pre-funding, con dos límites:

La cantidad por inversor no podrá quedar, en ningún caso, por debajo del límite mínimo establecido para cada oportunidad

En proyectos de equity o plusvalía, se respetará como inversión mínima el 5% del capital social a los inversores persona jurídica que hayan pre-invertido el 5% o más.

¿Se hará Pre-funding en todos los proyectos?

No. El Prefunding será un sistema que se establecerá con antelación en base a cada proyecto, dependiendo de su idoneidad o no.

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