Equipo de wecity

we are city

Our mission is to democratise (we are crowd) access to the high returns of the institutional market (we are city)”.
At wecity we have created the technological and innovative ecosystem where developers and investors communicate, finance and share returns.

we are proptech

We are a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the real estate, financial and digital sectors.

we are “exits”

At wecity we are results-oriented (“exits”) and service-oriented.
[E]xcellence + e[X]perience + [I]nnovation + [T]echnology + [S]ecurity

we are team

  • Antonio Mañas

    Antonio Mañas

    Fundador CEO | Chief Executive Officer Miembro Junta Directiva

  • Rafael Merry del Val

    Rafael Merry del Val

    Fundador Presidente wecity Miembro Junta Directiva

  • José Navarro

    José Navarro

    Fundador CGO | Chief Growth Officer Miembro Junta Directiva

  • Francisco Taboada

    Francisco Taboada

    Head of Real Estate Miembro Junta Directiva
    Desempeño Social y Ambiental

  • David Diogo

    David Diogo

    Head real Estate Portugal

  • Segundo San Juan

    Segundo San Juan

    Real Estate Manager

  • Ignacio García

    Ignacio García

    CIO | Chief Investment Officer Miembro Junta Directiva

  • Álvaro Fuentes

    Álvaro Fuentes

    Head of Investment

  • Álvaro García

    Álvaro García

    CRM & Customer Success

  • Alejandro Varo

    Alejandro Varo

    Head of Legal Department Secretario del consejo

  • Hernán Saez

    Hernán Saez

    Abogado Derecho Mercantil

  • Víctor Montes

    Víctor Montes

    Lead Product Designer

  • Enriqueta Marín-Blazquez

    Enriqueta Marín-Blazquez

    Head of Marketing

Law for the Promotion of
Business Financing

Article 55. Subparagraph (e)

That the administrators of the equity crowdfunding platform are persons of recognised business or professional repute and possess adequate knowledge and experience in the matters necessary for the exercise of their duties”.

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