We are your alternative to traditional financing

At wecity we provide you with the necessary visibility for your project and all the technology and innovation to ensure the success of your financing.

Fast, uncomplicated financing, without unnecessary administrative procedures, bureaucracy or waiting times.

60 M €



Funded projects

11 months

Duration average


Average LTV

1,2 M €

Average loan amount

4,6 days

Average financing term

Types of funding


Financing that provides you with the capital you need to complete your project or until you acquire a permanent financing solution..


Financing aimed at completing the equity necessary to qualify for traditional bank financing. It can also be articulated via a loan.


Explain your needs to us. We will evaluate your project with no obligation to present you with a tailor-made solution.


1. Implementation and analysis

Tell us about your project and we will carry out an initial analysis to make you an offer that meets your expectations.

2. Preparation and presentation

We prepare all the contractual documentation for you to review and sign digitally and then we present the project on our platform.

3. Financing and disposal of funds

As soon as your project reaches the funding target and after an appointment with the notary for signature, the funds will be made available to you through external monitoring.

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