Marbella-Villa Mimosas

Oportunidad de Inversión en Marbella - Villa Mimosas
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Marbella-Villa Mimosas

Calle Mimosa 36 Marbella

Value AddInvestment Modality ResidentialProperty type

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Final period 12 months

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Description is in compliance with law 5/2015 and is authorized by the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) as a Participatory Financing Platform, listed with registration number 30.

Villa Mimosas, S.L. requests financing from wecity for this opportunity which consists on the integral renovation of a villa in the seaside area, specifically in Calle Mimosa 36, San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella, with a total living area of 375 m² + 80 m² of terraces in a 1,400 m² plot with a garden and a swimming pool.

Skin in the Game: wecity and its partners invest in this opportunity.

Investor, before making your investment please read the Basic Information for Investing Client. Past returns do not guarantee future returns.

Project overview

The project consists on acquiring the entire Villa, with the aim of carrying out its integral rehabilitation with first class qualities, within a set period of time established in the business plan, and with the final purpose of selling it to a third party.

The property is located in the prestigious Altavista residential complex in San Pedro de Alcántara, between Guadalmina Alta and the downtown area. It is just a few metres away from shops, schools, the health centre and El Bulevar, as well as having the best possible access to the shoreline motorway.

With a funding target of € 1,067,610 (earmarked for the purchase of the Villa and subsequent integral rehabilitation) you can participate in an “Equity” operation with an estimated sales target, in a conservative scenario, of € 1,300,000, and which will generate a profit on its sale (capital gain). The term of the transaction is estimated in 12 months. The total estimated profit after tax is 16.84 %.

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“If I invest € 10,000 I will have an estimated profit of € 1,684 in 12 months”.

This is a project with direct participation of the Sponsor (developer) Villa Mimosas SL. Specifically, its contribution to equity is €98,610. There is a mortgage loan for an amount of € 369,000, which together with the € 600,000 from wecity investors makes a total of € 1,067,610. This represents a contribution of 14% of the developer’s own funds, which evidences its commitment to the project. You can review the complete financial plan in the Documents section.

“The developer contributes with 14 % of the operation, more precisely € 98,610”.

Villa Mimosas SL’s role will consist on developing and executing the project in accordance with the deadlines established in the business plan, managing the project and, in general, ensuring the interests of the shareholders.

With a minimum investment of 500 € and no investment limit, you can participate in this opportunity that offers excellent benefits.

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The property

Villa Las Mimosas is an opportunity to purchase a villa in one of the main residential neighbourhoods in Marbella, which features in terms of orientation and views make it a first class asset.
It is a Villa in a 1,400 m² plot with a garden and a swimming pool, 375 m² of living space and 80 m² of terraces, ideal for the development of a very high quality project, with 5 en-suite bedrooms with great natural light. Its outdoor areas with a swimming pool and a barbecue replicating the “Chill Out” concept, so typical of this area; as well as its orientation and its views to Gibraltar make it an unbeatable Villa.

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Surrounding area and location

This is undoubtedly one of the strengths of the asset. Villa Las Mimosas is located in the Altavista residential complex, between prestigious Guadalmina Alta and the downtown area.
It is just a few metres away from shops and a wide variety of services, and only a 5 minute drive away from the beach.
Its unbeatable communications and easy access to the shoreline motorway make Villa Las Mimosas an asset in a superb location.

Opportunity Information

This is a Value Added transaction

· Purpose: Acquisition of the entire asset and execution of the construction work.
· Total investment: €1.067.610

· Villa Mimosas SL: €98.610 
· wecity investors: €600.000 
· Bank financing: €369.000 

· Type of investment: Value Added (purchase + renovation + sale).

· Value Added: Final profit from the asset sale.

· Legal status: Capital increase
· Type of property: Residential
· Estimated total yield: 16,84 % after taxes.
· Estimated term for sale: 12 months
· Minimum investment: €500 

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