Marbella-Villa Lipto II

Inversión Inmobiliaria en Marbella-Villa Lipto II
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Marbella-Villa Lipto II

Las Adelfas 70 S. Pedro de Alcántara

LoanInvestment Modality MG1 First Grade mortgage guarantee ResidentialProperty type AAOpportunity Rating

Funded 100%




213 Investments

Investment Period 18 months

Total Estimated Return 9.00%

Annual interest rate 9,00%

This opportunity has already been funded!


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Villa Lipto SL requests financing from wecity for this investment opportunity, which consists of Phase II of the construction of a luxury Villa located at Calle las Adelfas 70 in San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella (Málaga).

Investor, before making your investment read the basic information for the client. Past returns do not guarantee future returns.

Project Summary

Villa Lipto SL is offering you the opportunity to participate in a Fixed Rate Loan with a 1st Degree Mortgage Guarantee.

The project involves financing Phase II of the construction of a luxurious villa in Marbella (Malaga) for an amount of €500,000. wecity successfully financed Phase I of the project. The plot of land has a total area of 597.56 m2.

The villa will have a total built area of 428.46 m2, with 211.55 m2 allocated to the two above-ground floors and 216.91 m2 to a below-ground floor with three parking spaces.

The developer provides the land, which is owned and comes with a building permit. The developer is responsible for the execution of the project, which is currently at 22% completion. Phase II is expected to take 12 months to complete.

The funding goal for Phase II is €500,000, which, when combined with the €600,000 from Phase I, reaches the maximum established amount of €1,100,000. Through wecity, you have the opportunity to participate in a fixed-rate loan operation with an annual interest rate of 9.00% and an estimated duration of 12 months. The estimated total profit after taxes is 9%. Interest payments will be made upon maturity, which is at the end of the 12-month period.

Furthermore, an external company will monitor the use of funds based on the progress of the construction work, as certified by them.

With a minimum investment of €500 and no investment limit, you can take part in this opportunity that offers excellent profitability and maximum guarantees.

If you invest €100,000, you will have an estimated total profit of €9,000

Valuation and Rating

The valuation based on the Hypothetical End Building amounts to €1,974,035.19, which represents a Loan To Value (LTV) based on the Hypothetical End Building of 55.72%.

An external Rating has been requested for the project from the consulting firm JLL, which has awarded it a AA rating.


The project involves the construction of a luxury villa for residential use, with a total area of 428.46 m2. This includes 211.55 m2 for the two above-ground floors and 216.91 m2 for a below-ground floor with three parking spaces.


Visualización 3D

Areas and Location

The project is located at Las Adelfas 70 street, in San Pedro de Alcántara, a town within the municipality of Marbella, Málaga.

This residential area is situated in the heart of the Costa del Sol and offers a wide range of shops, services, and leisure facilities. It also benefits from easy access via the Mediterranean highway.

The development is just a few meters away from the Guadalmina urbanization and its golf club, which is renowned as one of the most refined and pleasant residential areas in Marbella. Additionally, it is only 5 km away from the prestigious Puerto Banús.


The loan will have a first-range mortgage guarantee on the land and the construction of the project located at Las Adelfas 70 street, San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella, Málaga.

The independent valuation company responsible for determining the value of the land is ATV VALOR.

According to the appraisal report conducted by ATV VALOR as of December 2, 2022, the valuation of the mortgaged land amounts to €850,043.22, and the valuation based on the hypothetical end building is €1,974,035.19. Therefore, this represents a Loan to Value based on the hypothetical end building of 55.72%.

Security Agent

The establishment, preservation, management, administration, and, if necessary, execution of the real estate mortgage rights on behalf of the investors will be handled by an external entity to wecity.

In this case, the designated Guarantors Agent is BONDHOLDERS.

BONDHOLDERS is a professional company specialized in providing trustee and independent agent services for various asset classes and under numerous international jurisdictions.

In recent years, BONDHOLDERS has been appointed as agent and trustee in over 400 transactions, representing a total debt of nearly €200 billion.

Among their main clients are financial institutions, institutional clients, asset managers, and sovereign government agencies, among others.

They are currently one of the leaders in Europe in providing independent fiduciary services



The developer will be required to provide justification for the use of funds for each requested disbursement.

The utilization of funds by the developer will be monitored by an external company, separate from wecity. The release of funds will be based on the percentage of construction progress as certified by the monitoring company.

Key Points

· Investment Type: Fixed Interest Loan

· Interest Payment: At maturity (month 12)

· Guarantee: First-degree Mortgage

· Purpose of the loan:

“Funds allocated for the acquisition and construction of a single-family home on the plot located at Urban Plot number 70, Land Registry number 2874 of Property Registry No. 4 of Marbella, in the municipality of Marbella, in the area of Linda Vista, San Pedro de Alcántara. It has a total area of five hundred ninety-seven square meters with fifty-six square centimeters.”

· Contribution from the Developer (Villa Lipto SL) and wecity Investors:

  • Villa Lipto SL: Owned land with building permit and 22% completion of construction.
  • wecity Phase II Investors: €500,000

· Property Type: Luxury Residential

· Interest Rate: 9% per annum

· Estimated Total Profit: 9%

· LTV HET (Phase II): 55.72%

· Loan Term: 12 months

· Minimum Investment: €500

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