Madrid-Edificio Mallorca

inversión en Madrid, San Sebastián de los Reyes
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Madrid-Edificio Mallorca

Calle Mallorca, 5. S. Sebastián de los Reyes

LoanInvestment Modality MG1 First Grade mortgage guarantee ResidentialProperty type AOpportunity Rating

Funded 100,00%




279 Investments

Investment Period 6 months

Total Estimated Return 5.00%

Annual interest rate 10,00%

This opportunity has already been funded!


Esta oportunidad se pre-financiará bajo el sistema Earlyfunding a partir del lunes 08 de enero a las 12:00h. Una vez que acabe este periodo, se prorratearán todas las inversiones de forma proporcional entre todos los inversores. Mira aquí las condiciones

WECITY complies with Law 5/2015 and with Regulation (EU) 2020/1503 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 October 2020 on European providers of crowdfunding services for companies. It is authorized by the CNMV as a Participatory Financing Platform registered under number 30, with a favorable proposal from the Bank of Spain.

Eurobell Inversiones SL requests financing from wecity for this investment opportunity.

Investor, before making your investment please read the basic information for the investor client.

The investment

The investment opportunity consists of a 1st degree mortgage loan to finance the construction costs of the refurbishment of a building in Mallorca Street, 5, San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid). The exit of wecity’s investors will take place with the delivery of the homes and lofts to the buyers, once the First Occupancy License is obtained.

The building has a total built area of 1,333 m2, where 8 homes will be built, 6 of them duplexes with terraces, and 15 lofts, 17 parking spaces and a communal terrace with solarium. Currently, 52.17% of the development has been sold, 12 out of 23 units, corresponding to 4 homes and 8 lofts marketed.

The developer is providing its own funds in the amount of €870,000 (41.28%) which, together with the €487,165 (23.11%) provided by the buyers and the €750,000 requested from the wecity investors, add up to a total of €2,107,165. The remaining funds to complete the €2,751,880 required for the execution of the project will be provided by the buyers, with a 1st degree mortgage guarantee.

Through wecity you can participate in a fixed-rate loan operation with an annual interest rate of 10% for an estimated term of 6 months (6 months mandatory) with the possibility of an extension of 3 additional months.

With a minimum investment of 500 €, you can participate in this opportunity with an excellent profitability and with the maximum guarantees. The total estimated profit is 5% for 6 months or 7.5% if the final term is with the 3-month extension.

The payment of interest + the return of the invested capital will be made at maturity.


  • Purpose of the loan: Construction costs of a building for the development of 8 dwellings and 15 lofts at Calle Mallorca, 5, San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid).
  • Guarantee: 1st degree mortgage.
  • Term: 6 months (+ 3 months possible extension).
  • Interest rate: 10% per annum.
  • Estimated total yield: 5%.
  • Interest payment: at maturity
  • ECO appraisal: 1.932.726 € (current LTV: 38,98%)
  • ECO HET appraisal: €4,004,634 (LTV HET: 18.72%)
  • LTV First drawdown appraisal: 10.23 %.
  • Contributions:
    • Developer’s own funds: 870,000 € (41.28%).
    • Buyers’ contributions: €487,165 (23.11%).
  • wecity investors: €750,000.
  • Minimum investment: 500 €.
  • Maximum investment: No limits.

ECO Tasation

The current appraisal for mortgage guarantee purposes (ECO Order 805/2003) amounts to €1,923,726. This represents a Loan to Value (LTV) over the current appraisal of 38.98%.

The appraisal on the assumption of a finished building amounts to €4,404,634. This represents a Loan to Value (LTV) on HET appraisal of 18.72%.

The Loan to Value (LTV) on first disposal is 10,23%.

The independent appraiser in charge of identifying the value is TINSA, whose corporate name is Tasaciones inmobiliarias SAU, and is registered as an approved appraisal company by the Bank of Spain under number 4313.

The project

The project consists of 8 homes, 6 of them duplexes with terrace and 15 lofts, 17 parking spaces and communal terrace with solarium.

Inversión en San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid.

Ground Floor (You can see the rest of the floor plans in the Documents section)

Inversión en San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid
Inversión en San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid
Inversión en San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid
Inversión en San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid


The project is located at Mallorca 5, San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid).

Very close to the town center of the town and large green areas such as the Parque de la Marina or the Dehesa Boyal. It also has a multitude of stores and services around it, as well as shopping and leisure centers (Style Outlets, Plaza Norte 2).

Quick access to Madrid from the A-1 and good communications through suburban train stations, Metro L-10 and urban and intercity buses.

Inversión en San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid

The mortgage guarantee

The loan will be secured by a 1st degree mortgage on the building and the construction, located at Calle Mallorca, 5, San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid).

According to the appraisal report made by TINSA, the current appraisal amounts to €1,923,726. The loan to be made to the developer is 750,000 €, which implies a Loan to Value (LTV) on the current appraisal of 38.98% and a Loan to Value of 1st disposal of 10,23 %.

The HET appraisal (Hypothetical finished building) amounts to €4,004,634, which represents a Loan to Value HET of 18.72%.

Collateral agent

The constitution, preservation, management, administration and, if applicable, enforcement of the real estate mortgage rights on behalf of the investors will be carried out by an entity external to wecity.

In this case the designated Collateral Agent is BONDHOLDERS.

Bondholders, is a professional company specialized mainly in providing independent commission agent and escrow services over different asset classes and under numerous international jurisdictions.

In recent years Bondholders has been mandated as agent and arranger in more than 400 transactions representing a total of nearly 200 billion euros in debt.

Its main clients include, among others, financial institutions, institutional clients, asset managers, sovereign government agencies.

Currently one of the leaders in Europe in providing independent fiduciary services.


The promoter must justify the use of the funds in each of the applications. The use of the funds by the promoter will be monitored by a company external to wecity.

Compliance with Regulation (EU) 2020/1503 🇪🇺

Risk Warning

Investing in this crowdfunding project involves risks, including the risk of partial or total loss of the money invested. Your investment is not covered by deposit guarantee schemes established in accordance with Directive 2014/49/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council (). Your investment is not covered by investor compensation schemes established in accordance with Directive 97/9/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council (*). You may not receive any return on your investment. It is not a savings product and it is recommended that you do not invest more than 10% of your net assets in equity financing projects. You may not be able to dispose of the investment instruments at any time. Even if you are able to sell them, you may incur losses.

Pre-contractual cooling-off period for inexperienced investors

Inexperienced investors have a cooling-off period of four (4) days during which they may, at any time, revoke or withdraw, at any time, their investment offer or expression of interest in the equity financing offer without having to justify their decision and without incurring a penalty. The cooling-off period begins at the time the potential non-experienced investor makes an investment offer or expresses interest and expires after four calendar days from that date. To exercise their revocation rights, Investors may send an email to the following address:, filling in the “subject” field of such email as follows: “REVOCATION – Name of the Opportunity – Name and surname of the Investor”. In the event that you have made a monetary contribution linked to the financing offer, said amount will be returned as soon as possible to the wallet that, as an investor/user of the “WECITY” Platform, you have open with the “LEMONWAY” Payment Institution.

Credit risk

Credit risk is defined as the loss that may occur in the event of non-payment by the counterparty in a financial transaction. In this specific case, the risk that the Promoter does not pay the principal and/or interest on the Loan.

Sector risk Risks inherent to the specific sector.

Such risks may be caused, for example, by a change in macroeconomic circumstances, a reduction in demand in the sector in which the equity financing project operates and dependencies in other sectors. In any case the investor should be aware that adverse economic conditions or cyclical changes may lead to a weakening of the Promoter’s ability to meet its financial commitments in connection with the loan.

Risk of default

The risk that the project promoter may be subject to bankruptcy proceedings and other events affecting the project or the project promoter that result in the loss of the investment for the investors. Such risks may be caused by a variety of factors, including, without limitation: (serious) change in macroeconomic circumstances, mismanagement, lack of experience, fraud, financing not matching the corporate purpose, failure to launch the product or lack of liquidity. In the event of insolvency of the Promoter, the holders of the credits will be considered as credits with special privilege, as they are secured by a mortgage guarantee, in accordance with the cataloguing and order of priority of credits established by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2020, of May 5, which approves the revised text of the Insolvency Law (hereinafter, the “Insolvency Law”), except for those amounts that pursuant to Article 272 of the Insolvency Law must be classified either as ordinary credit or as subordinated credit, as appropriate.

Risk of lower or delayed yield

The risk that the return is lower than expected or that the project defaults on the payment of principal or interest.

Investment illiquidity risk

The risk that investors will not be able to sell their investment. There is no active trading market for the loan, so the investor may not be able to find a third party to whom to assign the loan.

Other risks

Risks that are, among others, beyond the control of the project developer, such as political or regulatory risks.

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